2017 Colt Stakes and Fair Program

Dear MHHA Members –

As our 2016 colt and fair season comes to a close, we begin the process of developing the 2017 programs and beyond. On July 1, 2016 legislation that updated the Racing Act of 1995 became effective. One of the changes to the law was an amendment to section 431.20 Section 20(5)a to allow Michigan-bred horses to participate in the colt stakes programs. This amendment was added with the intent to allow for flexibility with future programs, however the Michigan Department of Agriculture after several discussions with the colt stakes committee members determined both Michigan-Sired and Michigan-bred horses will be expected to race in the same program moving forward – earlier than we had anticipated.

Michigan- bred is defined under regulation 820 as “A Michigan-bred horse means a horse that is from a registered Standardbred mare which is owned exclusively by a resident or residents of this state at the time of conception.”

There are currently 22 registered yearlings that are registered with the USTA as Michigan SIRED and an estimated 50-55 Michigan-bred yearlings. Of the estimated 55 Michigan-bred yearlings – 34 are by Ohio sires, 19 by Indiana sires and 2 by Pennsylvania sires.

There are currently 38 2 year old in 2016 that are registered as Michigan SIRED and another potential 83 registered 2 year olds that meet the definition of Michigan-bred. Of the estimated 83 Michigan-bred 2 year olds in 2016- 48 are from Ohio sires, 25 from Indiana sires and 10 from Pennsylvania sires.

Breeder’s awards eligibility are for Michigan-sired AND Michigan-bred, to qualify you must be both Michigan-sired AND Michigan-bred. This has NOT changed from previous years. A Michigan sired horse is from a stallion that is owned or leased exclusively by Michigan residents at the time the foal is conceived.

The breeder at the time of conception is listed on the registration papers.

Our regulations have to be changed to meet the definitions of our present day program according to the Racing Act of 1995 and that is a work in progress. As we work through the changes to regulations to allow us to have more flexibility with developing future colt programs it is important to note that starting in 2017 for both 2 and 3 year olds – Michigan-bred horses are eligible to the colt stakes program and Michigan Classic races along with the Michigan-sired horses.   The Michigan Sire Stakes is only eligible to horses that are by Michigan sires.

The colt stakes committee will continue to meet and discuss changes to the 2017 program and regulations. As more information becomes available, we will share. We are actively working with the USTA to obtain and provide a list of Michigan-bred yearlings, 2 and 3 year olds that may be available at the upcoming sales.




MHHA Board of Directors