Board Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2016

MHHA Board of Directors Meeting (download)
April 20, 2016
Lansing, MI.
Regular Session Minutes

Present: E. Engle, Bolenbaugh, T. Barrett, D. Hartsook, C. Serra, C. Cary-Davidson, K. Goodwin, K. Crawford, W. Beagle Absent: M. Sweeney, G. West
Associates: L. Julian, V. Vail-Shirey
Guests included: Dorothy Temperley, Bill Gira

1. Call To Order & Moment of Silence
President Barrett called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m.
A moment of silence was observed for Mike Sova.

2. Approval of Board Appointment – Gerald Earls
A motion was made by Cary-Davidson and seconded by Goodwin to appoint Gerald Earls as a member of the MHHA Board of Directors. Motion unanimously passed.

3. Approval of Agenda
A motion was made by Cary-Davidson and supported by Hartsook to approve the April Meeting Agenda. Motion unanimously passed.

4. Approval of March Regular Minutes
The minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of March 23, 2016 were previously approved electronically on April 8, 2016 by majority vote of the directors.

5. President’s Report
President Barrett reported the following information and news with the board.
a. This is an important time for horsemen because of the impending horse racing
legislation. The MHHA has developed ways to communicate with all of our
members as we move through the legislative process.

b. Barrett reviewed the progress of the Michigan Harness Racing Horse Industry
over the past 18 months:

Michigan horsemen have 60 racing dates at Northville Downs.

The MHHA operates with timely, usable, accurate and meaningful financial information to support our decision-making as well as good cash flow.

Stronger Colt Stakes and Futurity Programs have been developed. We support a resurgence of the Michigan Standardbred Breeding Industry.

“Most importantly,” Barret said, “we have a clear direction forward.”

c. The 2016 Standardbred race meet at Northville Downs had a solid beginning. We are consistently providing full fields. We appreciate the good relationship that exists between our horsemen and the track.

6. Treasurer’s Reports
Financial and cash flow reports for March and the first six months of the 2016 Fiscal Year (October through March) were reviewed by the board. All were positive. Copies are available for inspection at the MHHA Offices. A motion to approve the financial reports was made by Cary-Davidson and supported by Goodwin. The motion was unanimously approved.

7. Association Management Report
Association Manager Vail-Shirey reported on the following items. The board reviewed the 2016 Colt Stakes, Futurity, Michigan Classic and Sire Stakes Payment Schedule and Calendar that has been approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Copies of the schedule and calendar are attached. Goodwin expressed concern about the timing of Colt Stakes racing at the Centerville Fair that is scheduled only four days before the Michigan Sires Stakes is contested at Northville Downs. Everyone agreed that 4 days is not adequate recovery time for young horses. After fully discussing the issue, the board agreed by full consensus to recommend to Northville Downs that the Sires Stakes be rescheduled to September 24th and 30th.

8. Membership Report/List
We are maintaining the MHHA membership lists on a timely basis as owners, drivers and trainers are required to be MHHA members as a pre-condition to racing at Northville Downs. This requirement will also apply to racing in the Colt Stakes this summer.

9. MHHA Member Comments
Gira inquired about whether the Quorum Rule in the MHHA By-Laws has been
revised. The change was made on March 23, 2013 by an affirmative vote by 10
members of the board. A quorum is now established if 7 directors are present. Gira
also observed that the 2016 minutes and the new by-laws are not yet posted on our

10. Old Business
The current MHHA website remains operational. However, our plan is to re-build a new website that will be connected to a new server. The MHHA will own and JV will operate the new website. Quotations have been received and will be reviewed by Serra and Barrett. A draft contract will be submitted for review by Hartsook and Engle; and their recommendation will be presented to the board. The plan is to have the new website operational in the next 30 days.

11. New Business
Fair Directory
A motion was made by Hartsook and supported by Crawford to complete the 2016 Fair Directory, solicit ads and made edits as necessary. Motion unanimously passed. The Fair Directory will be available to horsemen in hard copy and electronically on the MHHA website before Colt Stakes racing begins.

12. Legislative Report
Testimony regarding Senate Bill 504 will occur tomorrow, April 21, 2016, before the Senate Agriculture Committee. Barret will represent the Standardbred industry’s position at the hearing.

Julian Vail made appointments for the MHHA Board members to go to the capital today after our meeting. We will meet with our respective senators in order to discuss the Standardbred perspective of Senate Bill 504.

13. Board of Director Comments
There were no director comments.

14. Next Board Meeting_
The next Board Meeting on a date to be determined will be held at the Julian Vail offices in Lansing.

15. Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was unanimously approved and the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.
Ed Engle, Jr., MHHA Secretary

Approved by Board Vote 4/25/2016