Board Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2017

Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association
April 23, 2017 2 pm
Elk’s Club of Howell
Member Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Tom Barrett, Kelly Goodwin, Crystal Serra, Keith Crawford, Claudia Cary Davidson, Greg West, David Bolenbaugh and Jerry Earls.
Absent: David Hartsook and Mike Sweeney
Association Mng. Present: Val Vail-Shirey.
MHHA Members Present: 60 members in attendance.

Meeting called to order by President Tom Barrett at 2:36 pm

Moment of Silence in memory of:

2017 Annual Election

Board of Directors
President Barrett called for election and ratification of the 2017 Board of Director’s Ballot.
___ At Large – Ed Embach
___ Keith Crawford
___ Tom Barrett

By unanimous voice vote Ed Embach was elected to the MHHA Board of Directors. Keith Crawford and Tom Barrett were re-elected to the MHHA Board of Directors.

Ed Embach joined the MHHA Board of Directors at the table.

Summary of by-law changes given by President Tom Barrett. Mr. Barrett explains that the by-laws call for a voice vote.

All those in favor of the presented MHHA By-Law changes – Aye: all members present, except for one member, voted aye.

All those opposed to the presented MHHA By-law changes – Nay: One member voted nay.

Changes to the MHHA By-laws approved.




Meeting adjourned at 2:52 pm