Board Meeting Minutes – August 28, 2017

MONDAY August 28, 2017
4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Crystal Serra, Claudia Cary Davidson,
Jerry Earls, Teresa Marotta, Greg West, Ed Embach

ABSENT: Mike Sweeney (excused),Kelly Goodwin, Keith Crawford(excused)

DISCUSSION: Tom Barrett reports

1. Meeting come to order: motion by Jerry Earls, second by Ed
2. Approval of Min. motion by: Tom second by Ed
3. MHHA rules for next year will be tighten up; then each horse will be check and double check when stake payments are made.
4. ADW; Meckof seems to have the casinos in his back, so we need to come up with a newer and clearer path coming back this fall. Not sure if he is just holding this up to hurt the industry or to get something more from us.
5. Tom and Crystal to meet with Mike Carlo’s about the race Secretary and the ruling of the eight hole:Escrow funds opening purse levels at $40,000 a night. Escrow funds will run out in 2019 or 2020 if we don’t get this ADW bill pass
6. Mike K. will address ADW at next meeting
7. Treasurer Report Crystal: we now have about 19,700 members. Looking for a way to do some fund raisers and what types( 50/50 at the track, golf outing, etc)
8. Motion to have CPA to do Audit review of F.S. By Ed second by Claudia
9. Need to bring Futurity back to the fair racing program.
10. HHI – question on horse slaughter motion to take no piston on this question by:Jerry second Ed
11. Jerry will now head up the log sheet for questions and answers.
12. Crystal and Marlene purpose a ruling to the USTA to NOT allow back dating change of breeder. This must be done in a timely manner and within the 6 months of the sale.
13. Harveybear was eligible for the sire stakes but was left of the list, owner called to make a payment but there re no option to make a late payment so that made him ineligible for the sire stakes: decision made by the executive board( Tom, Keith, Kelly) motion ratify Greg second Claudia
14. Cheyenne Danny was ineligible to race due to the fact of the breeder. The USTA allowed them to change and back date to an LLC that is register in the State of Michigan and after the paperwork was updated he is now eligible to race this was made by the executive board( Tom, Keith ,Kelly).Motion Ratify by Greg second by Claudia
15. Oct final: the leg entries will be $125 each(2) and the final will be $250. To be eligible your horse must of race 4 of the 11 fair races and finish in the top 9 money earnings: motion by Greg second by Teresa
PRESIDENT COMMENTS: Tom B. progress is going good over at Midwest Strategy, .making improvements. Next meeting Sept 25 , 2017 location and time Northville Downs and subject to change.
ADJOURNMENT: Greg West motion and Jerry Earls second. Time 7:30p.m.