Board Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2017

Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association
Board Member Meeting
December 6 2017 4 pm
Northville Downs
PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Crystal Serra, Kelly Goodwin, Claudia Cary Davidson, Mike
Sweeney, Jerry Earls, Teresa Marotta, Ed Embach, Greg West, Keith Crawford
1. Meeting called to order – President Tom Barrett
Moment of Silence in memory of: Dick Birchmeier, Guy Thurlow, Janice Chippi
2. Approval of Agenda (Motion made by Jerry Earls, Seconded by Ed Embach)
3. Approval of Minutes –October 25, 2017 (Motion made by Jerry Earls, Seconded by Ed Embach)
4. President’s Report – Tom Barrett
a. President Barrett provided an update about the continued partnership with Midwest Strategy
and the need to focus on priority issues including the banquet, the colt stakes program, and
being accountable to our membership. He suggested that board members who have items
of interest add them to the agenda for discussion at the meetings prior to working with
Midwest Strategy Group on projects.
b. President Barrett also highlighted the 2018 racing season at Northville Downs and the
continued partnership with the race track. Northville has been approved for 60 days of living
racing in 2018 and we hope increase the purses modestly through the use of the released
escrow fund. Those funds are intended to be used through the 2019 racing season.
5. Treasurer’s Report – Crystal Serra
a. Treasurer Serra provided an updated related to the MHHA Financials (attachements were
included in board packets) and also made mention of a meeting scheduled for late
December with Midwest Strategy Group to develop a more consistant form of reporting
financials to the boards.
6. Mike K Packet – Mike Krombeen from Midwest Strategy Group provided context for the board
packet provided to board members dealing with the following issues:
a. MHHA Board Applications: There were no applications to join the MHHA board from any
members not currently serving on the board. In accordance with the bi-laws the board
motioned to provide for an email based election since their were only 4 members running for
4 open spots (Motion made by Tom Barrett, Seconded by Ed Embach – Motion passed with
only Kelly Goodwin voting no.)
b. The board voted to approve Shedrick Duffy for Lifetime Status based on his age and 15
years of membership in accordance with the bi-laws. (Motion made by Kelly Goodwin,
Seconded by Keith Crawford)
c. The board approved a meeting schedule for 2018 that includes Jan 20th, Feb 21st, Mar 21st,
April 18th, May 16th, June 20th, Sept 19th, Oct 17th, Nov 21st, anf December 19th. All dates
subject to change based on board availability. (Motion made by Claudia Cary-Davidson,
Seconded by Keith Crawford)
d. The board discussed the January meeting with the MI Dept of Agriculture and the fairs in
relation to the 2018 summer program. It was determined that Teresa Moratta, Greg West,
Claudia Cary-Davidson, and Ed Embach all had interest in helping to develop a draft of the
2018 program.
7. MHHA Member Comments:
8. Old Business.
a. Applications for board of directors (included in packet)
b. Awards for banquet
i. The board voted to approve the award winners for the 2018 MHHA Banquet, posted
online at
c. donations for banquet
i. Donations were solicited and Claudia Cary-Davidson gave a detailed update on the
list of auction items currently being donated. The board also approved the purchase
of a jog cart for a raffle fundraiser at the annual banquet.
d. ADW Bill

i. Mike Krombeen from Midwest Strategy Group gave an update on HB 4611 (ADW)
which has seen no movement since the last meeting due to reservations/opposition
from the Senate Majority Leader.
e. Call list
f. new hand out for MHHA
9. New Business:
a: Health insurance for members at discounted rate
Teresa Marotta lead a discussion about providing more benefits to the MHHA members
including potential health insurance.
b. Changing membership dues
The board made a motion to set the 2018 dues level at 50 dollars for the year.
c. Offering more to our members
A discussion was had about other potential benefits to MHHA members including a text
message service that could update members on important deadline, draw dates and
times, and other important information. The board tasked Midwest Strategy Group with
finding a SMS service for the 2018 summer program.
d Update membership list
There was a conversation about the need to potentially update/repackage how MHHA
keeps membership files and makes that information available to the board and general
10. Legislative Policy/Report
a. Mike Krombeen of Midwest Strategy Group gave this update under old business with an
update of HB 4611 related to ADW
11. Board of Director Comments: None
12. Next Board Meeting: Scheduled for the Annual Banquet – January 20th
13. Meeting Adjourned (Motion made by Jerry Earls, Seconded by Ed Embach)
Current Board of Directors:
President: Tom Barrett Board Member: Keith Crawford, Executive Cmt. Board Member: Jerry Earls
Vice President: Kelly Goodwin Board Member: Mike Sweeney Board Member: Ed Embach
Secretary: Teresa Marotta Board Member: Greg West