Board Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2017

MONDAY JUNE 19, 2017
4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Crystal Serra, Kelly Goodwin, Claudia Cary Davidson, Keith Crawford,
Jerry Earls, Teresa Marotta, Mike Sweeney, Greg West.

ABSENT: Ed Embach (excused)

DISCUSSION: Tom Barrett reports

1.Meeting come to order Claudia motion it Keith second it
2.Minutes approval-with revised updates Keith motion, Jerry second
3.Val ,Larry and Shavana official done
4. Ithaca online entries being missed, Mike corrected the issue, overnights 2 day box
5.Mike Krombean Fair schedule up on website, with draw times. Mike is working with Cinda to make next year fair season better.
6.Northville has 6 additional days will run till middle of Dec. Tom and Crystal will work with Mike Carlos on purse projects for next year
7.Tom B., Kelly G. and Keith C. will be working Mike Carlos on race sectary not doing his job
According to Northville Rules and Judges rules. Who will be held accountable.
8. Getting Fairs to Charting lines
9. Posting C.S. calendar, fair condition up on USTA/MHHA in a timely mannor
10.Work on the number of conditions of overnights
11.Water truck up and running Ron Van Wagner will be running it at each fair
12. ADW bill needs to go to the HOUSE before summer break, we have 24 Senates we only
Need 19 looking good for us.
13.Make the language on the C.S.& S.S. form the same as the B.F. Form
14.Bill Gira mentioned that there are two sections where the by-laws are so we will have that fixed. Also remove Oldfield from breeders section. Can there be updates and changes on MHHA website more current with the management team.
15. Midwest will be maintaining a log sheet of all concerns called into MHHA and any subsequent follow ups with each caller as well.
16.Motion to update the scholarship form by Crystal second by Keith as follows:
Scholarships are available to MHHA members, and dependents or immediate family members- including step-children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews- of living or deceased members that are/or have been a MHHA member for two years in good standing.
17.MHHA Membership Fee or Admin Fee Drivers and Trainers will need to pay
In 2018 motion by Teresa second by Jerry

PRESIDENT COMMENTS: Tom B. progress is going good over at Midwest Strategy, .making improvements. Next meeting Aug 23, 2017 location and time TBD and subject to change.

ADJOURNMENT: Greg West motion and Keith Crawford second. Time 7:30p.m.