Board Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2017

MAY 23, 2017

PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Keith Crawford, Teresa Marotta, Mike Sweeney, Jerry Earls
Claudia Cary Davidson, Ed Embach, Crystal Serra, Greg West

GEUST: Mike Krombeen

ABSENT: Kelly Goodwin

1. Mike Crown discussed the ADW going to the Senate on Tuesday, with that
what votes we need from what Senate’s. As well as what percentage we get will be 1/15. Casinos will get nothing from this bill. Touched on 3rd party vendor.
2. Val & Julian contract, picking up MHHA belongings. Choosing what companies to go with Asso. Management or Midwest Strategy.
Rate Lobby is $2,000 and accounting is $4,500. Decided to go with Midwest Strategy, Ed motioned and Claudia second
3. C.S. Dates at Northville
4. MHHA files where to store, Jerry taking care off that as well going to pick files on the May 31,2017

PRESENTED COMMENTS: Tom meeting went well call your Senates and get MHHA member’s to call as well. Pick up files.

ADJOURMENT: Conference call ended at 9:00p.m.


Meeting notes typed up by Teresa K. Marotta May 28, 2017