Board Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2017

4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Crystal Serra, Kelly Goodwin, Claudia Cary Davidson, Mike Sweeney,
Jerry Earls, Teresa Marotta.,Ed. Embach,Greg West

ABSENT: Keith Crawford (excused)
DISCUSSION: Tom Barrett reports

1.Meeting come to order
2.Agenda -Greg motion, Ed second
3.Approval of Minutes for Sept 25,2017 – Greg motion, Ed second
4.Presidents Report-
Tom meet Allan, who over see’s the current rules and to what is currently going in the
races. Concerns, safety is always first and the quality of the race performance that the
drivers are giving the crowd. USTA meeting Tom,Mike S. and Crystal attended here attended. By Laws changes.
ADW-brought to vote Meekoff has not voted for us still not on our side. Tom spoke with
Meekoff for about 5 minutes to discuss why this so important to the MHHA and the
racing industry in Michigan. Need to push Meekoff to get this bill pass as we all know he is still in with the casino’s 60 days of racing March to April then Sept to December
Ace plans on doing a pig roast for all horseman’s, MHHA contribution $ 500. motion Ed
Mike Sweeney second it.
6. Treasurer’s report- Live handle is still down. Hoping to pick up after the first month.
Will start publishing the statistics next month. Looking to offer our members more,
Looking to do a membership drive.
Old Business:
Mike Carlos doesn’t plan on changing the race Secretary. Dave still has issues with
trainer,owner duplicates in the same race for the last two weeks but has been adress.
These issues have also been address with Mike C.
New Business:
Board members positions that are available to apply for we have 4. If any plan not
to return then they need to do a letter stating so. A term is for 3 years starting Nov 1.
Working on membership cards. Working on race dates for the fairs with Ali and Mike C.
at Northville Downs, applied for 3. Mike C. working getting the Lottery to work with
the racing at the track. Working on next years calendar. Mike K. updated on the ADW
bill: 4 bills on the table Senate is looking to pass 3, Mike says we should be one of the 3
that goes, just trying to get all 3 bills to work together to get them pass. Need to get this
ADW bill pass by Dec 2018. Working on new form for the fair program. MHHA working on a massive text program for all members to get updates. USTA rules we
MHHA can make a call of action but the person that the ruling is involved with needs to
appeal. Banquet spending for Claudia motion Kelly second Ed. Stallion List will be
worked on and posted. Fair testing allowed and same as ND as well as uniform rules.
Bill Gira is now a Lifetime Member. Claudia motion second Ed. Social Media/code
needs to be brought into plan for MHHA board members.

Next meeting December 6,2017 4 pm at Northville Down motion Claudia second Ed

PRESIDENT COMMENTS: Tom B. everything is moving along making changes to improve communications to our horseman and their needs.

ADJOURNMENT: Claudia motion second Ed 7:22 pm

Meeting notes prepared by: Teresa K. Marotta, November 11,2017