Board Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2017

4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Tom Barrett, Crystal Serra, Kelly Goodwin, Claudia Cary Davidson, Keith Crawford,
Jerry Earls, Teresa Marotta.,Ed. Embach

ABSENT: Mike Sweeney (excused), Greg West (excused)

DISCUSSION: Tom Barrett reports

1. Meeting come to order
2. Approval of Agenda -Claudia motion, Jerry second
3. Approval of Minutes for Aug 28,2017
4. Presidents Report-
Escrow disbursements to accounts, should last over the next 3 years.
Ag money $30,000 for mini series had 5 splits
Hazel Park TB will race 40 days(5-15 to 9-15). Friday and Saturday but hoping to change that to Sunday and Mon. MGCB only has one set of Judges, Dissions revoles around Al’s whatever is easiest on him…
Harness racing dates March 2 to June 9/ Sept 21 to Dec 15.(60 days)
Mike Carlos applied for Fair dates for the C.S.
Tom will notify the Board on the updates on Mini Series.
Each year racing days will be reduce, we need to get the ADW pass by the Governor and
we are working on that.
5. Treasurer’s report- Live handle is down. Hoping to pick up after the first month.

6. Old Business:
Blankets- waiting for Mark to call back from Finn tack, working on a credit. Looking at changes to improve next year, so we don’t have the mistakes we had this year, ex: maybe have a texting system to remind horsemen of day to enter. October finals still looking to set dates, 2 legs entry fee $125 each leg, Final entry fee $250. Awards for banquet will be discussed next meeting. A call log for calls and concerns has been created, there is a form for each incident and what,who and how this will be resolved and will be posted on the website.
7. New Business:
Board applications are on the website for anyone that wishes to apply. Membership cards in the process with important dates will be on the back of the card. Had additional
$8.00 of Escrow money added so that will be disburse correctly. Looking into to invest the Escrow money. We get Cynda budget report in Oct. Mike K. will have a meeting her in 2 weeks. The new rules for Drug testing, we have all the states but our own state?
Looking into why. How to increase the live handle, maybe put a one race paddock closer to the grandstand, have it more inter active with the horsemen. Insurance pd. MSU students coming Sept 29 for a tour, we have about 50 students. Crystal is ahead of this
with about 4 volunteers. USTA meeting Oct 7 at Northville Downs. Banquet will be at
Cleary’s Center, same as last year. Working on the Race Secretary with the mistakes and
replacing him. Top Notch – discussion to give back entry fee, return stake payments plus $100 for gas. We had 8/2 for the vote. Looking into some new software to help emails
and other information that needs to go to the horsemen.
8. ADW: we have 27 senators and we have one that is a hold up Meekhof. Mike K. is working drafting a letter to some pressure on Meekhof so we can get this through to the Governor. Bill#4611.

CONCERNS; Bill we still have the by-laws in 2 different places-will correct that. No minutes on the website- Mike K. will get them up. He requested lifetime membership.
Jerry: want’s a list of accomplishments that MHHA did for the year 2017 and add the texting program. To show the horsemen.

Next meeting October 25, 2017 at Northville Downs-Keith motion, Claudia second.

PRESIDENT COMMENTS: Tom B. progress is going good over at Midwest Strategy, .making improvements.

ADJOURNMENT: Keith motion and Claudia second. Time 7:00p.m.

Meeting notes prepared by: Teresa K. Marotta, September 26, 2017