UPDATE: Breeders Stakes Oct 9/10

The Breeders Stakes will be raced at Northville Downs on Friday, October 9th, and Saturday, October 10th. Eligible two-year-old horses will enter via Northville Downs’ race office Monday for Friday races and eligible three-year-old horses will enter via Northville Downs’ race office Tuesday for Saturday races. Horsemen can enter by calling 248-349-1000 from 10:30 to noon each day.

At the discretion of the race track, these races may be added to the pari-mutuel card and in the event, they are betting races horses must have a charted line. The MHHA did provide a charter at Centreville and the Sire Stakes earlier this week also provided charted lines.

UPDATE: The blankets for the Breeders Stakes have been delayed, but will be available for winner starting next weekend. More details to follow.