UPDATED: Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) Vaccination Requirements

The MHHA has been speaking with Northville Downs regarding the EHV1 concerns and events in Pensylvania and Ohio. Northville Downs will be implementing a heightened Security Protocol for all horses racing there.
Heightened Security Protocol for all Horses Racing at Northville Downs:
-Horses last racing in PA or stabled in PA will be excluded from racing at ND until further notice.
-Horses stabled at any quarantined facility in OH will be excluded from racing at ND until further notice.
-All horses that have raced outside of MI since 1/1/18 will require a health certificate completed by a licensed veterinarian dated after their last start outside of MI that will need to be submitted to MGCB on or before race day.
-All horses will need to submit a form prior to entry to ND outlining the following: Date, name of horse into race, horses’ temperature 24 hours prior to post time and the morning of (about 12 prior to post time), and the printed name of the person taking the horses temperature. Horses with recorded temperatures above 101 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed on the ND grounds and the judges should be notified under the normal scratched sick protocol.
-Horsemen are to bring a pair of cross ties with them for each horse into race and these cross ties should be utilized in the ship in barn and paddock for that horse.
-These rules will apply to both qualifying and race days.
At this time we have not been notified of any change to opening weekend March 2nd. It is possible that the restrictions currently posted on accepting horses that raced in Ohio may be amended depending on if new ehv1 cases occur in Ohio.
Continue to check your email and MHHA website for updates as we approach opening night. If you have questions reach out to the MHHA and Northville Downs.