Gaming Legislation Update – Horse Racing – HB4310

Michigan House of Representatives passed the gaming legislation package Wednesday October 30, 2019 that would legalize sports betting(HB4916), internet gaming (HB4311) and gambling on fantasy sports (HB4308), included in this package is HB 4310 (Vaupel) which would authorize third party facilitator wagering with licensed racetracks in Michigan.
HB 4310 would legalize advance deposit wagering through a third party facilitator license, however as it passed out of the House still contains restrictive language that Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association views as harmful to future growth of our state’s horse racing industry.  We continue to work with legislators and the governor’s office to remove this language. We remain hopeful that the Michigan Senate will make the necessary changes to earn our full support on this legislation and move our industry forward.
These gaming bills move to the Senate for further consideration.
We will continue to provide updates on the gaming packages as they become available.