Lavern Miller Go Fund Me

My name is Melody Moore. I am a harness racehorse trainer based out of Michigan i am stabled on the same farm as Mr. Miller. Anyone that knows Lavern , knows he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He would do anything to help you out. He is heartbroken. 2/16/21 was a sad day in Harness racing, as a well known and loved trainer/driver/owner Lavern Miller was a victim in a tragic barn fire that resulted in Lavern losing everything in his stable including his 3 beloved horses, racebikes and jogcarts,  his trailer and even his boat!

We as a family of horsemen need to come together and help Lavern! Any donation helps, as he will have to start from scratch. It will be a tough go so Please help by donating and sharing this gofundme as far and wide in the horse community as possible! Thank you