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The Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association works hard to follow legislation of interest and work with the Michigan Legislature, Michigan Department of Agriculture, and Michigan Gaming Control Board to help promote and grow harness racing in Michigan.

Right now, We Need Your Help. The Legislature is expected to take up a series of gaming bills this fall that will modernize gaming for the next decade. The MHHA is fighting to ensure that any package of gaming bills protects and grows horse racing in Michigan. We are supporting new modern tools that will increase purses, grow the MI Agricultural Equine Industry Development Fund, and protect Michigan tracks from out of state or off-shore betting applications.

You Can Help By Donating To The MHHA PAC And By Contacting Your Local Legislators

As the Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association works to promote conditions favorable to the harness racing industry, we recognize that it starts with those who we elect to serve in office.  MHHA’s PAC is utilized to have an impact on elections in Michigan and that is why it is critical to have a successful PAC and be involved, not only for the success of Michigan Harness Horsemen, but the entire industry and our agriculture partners. Michigan Harness Horsemen’s PAC’s success is dependent on member involvement. Our goal is to raise 10,000 dollars this summer.

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We also need you to Contact Your Legislators. While our team works to connect with legislators on your behalf every day in Lansing, nothing is more powerful than a phone call or a letter from a voter in their district. Using the links below you can find your local Representative and local Senator and either call them or write them to let them know we need their support to save harness racing in Michigan.

Find your Senator by District Link

Find your Representative by District Link

Remember to be respectful, let them know about your experiences personally, talk about the impact of harness racing on the economy and what it means for agriculture in the state.



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Public Act 279 of 1995

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