Live Racing and Emergency Order from the State of Michigan


Late Sunday, Governor Whitmer held a press conference and informed viewers that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) had put in place a new Masks and Gatherings order aimed at stopping the spread of covid19. Included in the list of businesses ordered to temporarily close is Northville Downs.

An NVD Order from the Office of the Racing Commissioner has been issued suspending the live meet and preventing Northville Downs from allowing persons inside the facility.

The DHHS order takes effect on Wednesday, November 18th, and remains in effect through Tuesday, December 8th. It is very likely that the order may be extended and that live racing is done for 2020, but we will work hard to add live race days to the 2021 meet based on available purse revenues. We have discussed adding live race days with Northville Downs to the extent it is possible.