Northville Downs Mini-Series

2021 Mini-Series for MI Sired,  Bred or Owned at  Northville Downs

CONDITION                                              LEGS                         FINAL                                         PURSES, Legs, Final            Total Purse                     

Trot Open                                                  6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $12,000/$24,000             $48,000

Pace F&M Open                   6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $12,000/$24,000             $48,000

Pace Open                                                 6/12, 6/19            6/26                                           $12,000/$24,000             $48,000

Trot NW $2,750 L4, or                      6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $8,200/$16,400                                  $32,800

$500 PS in 2021 W 6 starts (AE: NW 4 Ext P/M races of $30,000 life.)

Pace NW $2,750 L5, or                     6/12, 6/19            6/26                                           $8,200/$16,400                                  $32,800

$500 PS in 2021 W 6 starts  (AE: NW 4 Ext P/M races of $30,000 life.)                            

Trot NW $1,750 L4, or                      6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $6,500/$13,000                                  $26,000

$350 PS in 2021 W 6 starts

Pace NW $1,750 L4, or                     6/12, 6/19            6/26                                           $6,500/$13,000                                  $26,000                 

$350 PS in 2021 W 6 starts            

Trot NW 2 PM (Mares 3) 

or $15,000 life                                       6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $6,500/$13,000                                  $26,000

Pace  NW 2 PM (Mares 3)

or $15,000 life                                       6/12, 6/19            6/26                                           $6,500/$13,000                                  $26,000                 

Trot maiden or NW $6,000 life    6/11, 6/18            6/25                                           $5,000/$10,000                                  $20,000

Pace maiden or NW $6,000 life   6/12, 6/19            6/26                                           $5,000/$10,000                                  $20,000

*Multiple divisions will result in the purse being split equally amongst the divisions.

MHHA  • 101 S. Washington Square,

Suite 620

Lansing, MI 48933 • (517) 349-2920

2021 Mini Series for MI Sired,  Bred or Owned at Northville Downs 


1. Eligibility: USTA registered horses that are Michigan Sired ,  Michigan Bred or Michigan owned. Those qualifying as Michigan owned only must have been Michigan owned as  of May 24, 2021 to be eligible to these races. Eligibility for any of the conditions are as of the date of entry for the first leg of the series.   

2. All finals will be contested at Northville Downs on the dates indicated. There will be no more than two trailers in any final. 

3. Multiple divisions will result in the purse being split equally amongst the divisions.

4. If fewer than 8 horses enter to any race, ND/ MHHA reserves the right to reconfigure or cancel that Final. Separate filly divisions may be utilized if entries warrant. Any Mini Series races in which fillies race with colts/geldings,  fillies and mares will draw the inside. Any changes to the series must be approved by ND/MHHA.

5. All participating owners and trainers must be members of the Michigan Harness Horsemen’s Association at the time of entry or pay a $50  processing and administrative fee. The one-time $50 insurance, processing and administrative fee covers the entire series.

6. All declarations for Finals events will be taken by the Northville Downs race office in accordance with Northville Downs’ entry schedule and requirements as designated on the Northville Downs condition sheet.  All horses must have a good charted line within 45 days of the event and meet the qualifying standards of Northville Downs and the stewards before being drawn in to race.  Events may be raced off the live card at the discretion of Northville Downs.

7. All 2021 Michigan Finals events will be raced in one heat and at a distance of one mile.  You must race in one leg of the series to be eligible to declare into the final. Eligibility for the final will be based on total  earnings for the two legs with horses of equal earnings drawn by lot. You must declare into the final and we encourage you to enter horses below the top 9 money earners as not all eligible horses may enter.

8. The Michigan Finals is dependent on funding from the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. If events are cancelled, or purses are reduced, because the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development is unable to provide the anticipated funding for Final events, neither Northville Downs nor the MHHA shall not be held responsible.

9. All horses must have proof of a negative Coggins test within the calendar year and posted on eligibilities. Pari-mutuel race tracks require a negative EHV test within six months of the event and other vaccinations may be required.

10. All participants are required to know and abide by the rules of the United States Trotting Association and the Michigan Gaming Control Board. A declaration to the 2021 Michigan Finals is an agreement to the above terms and conditions. Rules of Northville Downs, the Michigan Gaming Control Board, and the United States Trotting Association shall govern unless otherwise specified in these conditions.

Participants will enter to race at ND under the current ND draw schedule.