Unemployment Information – Covid 19

UIA Information (Monday Guidance)

In order to avoid slowdowns and keep the UIA’s online system functioning properly, the agency is directing claimants who need to certify next week to avoid doing so on Monday, April 20, and instead, wait to certify throughout the week and during off-peak hours. Mondays generally have the highest number of logins and web interactions.

Under federal law, unemployed workers must certify that they are still unemployed two weeks after their initial claim is approved and every two weeks after. Once the claim is certified, benefit payments are disbursed. Claimants can certify their claim visiting Michigan.gov/UIA and signing into their MiWAM account. Remember, self-employed individuals are eligible for UIA benefits during this covid-19 pandemic.

The UIA also urges all workers to use the system during off-peak hours between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. throughout the week and to stay off the system after they have filed and certified claims.

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency has developed new resources to help Michigan workers certify their unemployment claims: