Update on Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW)

Dear MHHA Members –


I have some exciting news. Next week the House and Senate are planning on taking up HB 4611 and SB 382, identical bills that will allow the Michigan Gaming Control Board to authorize Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) in Michigan. The change could bring as much as 100 million dollars in gross wagers out of shadows of the internet. This means more money for purses, more race days, more money for fairs, and more money for our colt stakes program for this first time in decades.


We need you to call your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to support SB 342 (Robertson) and HB 4611 (Lauwers) to protect the horse racing industry.


The special interests from the Casinos are working around the clock to try to stop these bills. We know these wagers are currently being made, but Michigan Horsemen, Michigan Tracks, and Michigan Agriculture are not seeing any of the benefit.


Here is what your legislators need to know:

  1. These bills are NOT an expansion of gaming. It has always been legal to place a pari-mutuel wager on the results of a horse race in Michigan. This bill does allow us to modernize and keep up with technology.
  2. These bills have the support of the Governor and the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The Executive Branch intended to authorize this after the re-write of the Horse Racing Act last summer, but there was a slight problem with the language. To correct this issue, the Governor’s office and the Gaming Control Board help write the bills.
  3. These bills are about protecting the equine industry and agriculture. While the bills are specific to horse racing, these bills mean more money in to the Agriculture Equine Development Fund at the Dept. of Agriculture. That funding helps agriculture by incentivizing more Michigan horses and Michigan businesses.


The House and Senate plan to vote on these bills next week, but only if they have the necessary votes. We need you to call and email your State Senator and State Representative between now and Tuesday and tell them how important these bills are to the equine industry in Michigan.


You can use the below links to find your Senator and State Representative.






If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call me anytime.


Tom Barrett,

President MHHA