How Do I... 

Become a Member of the MHHA?
Becoming a member of the MHHA is easy and affordable. For just $50.00 a year you can be a part of this amazing organization and participate in all the great things Harness Racing in Michigan has to offer. Click Here to Join.

Run for the MHHA Board of Directors?
Candidates for election shall file a written petition signed by at least fifteen (15) voting members at the main office of the association by November 1st of the year prior to the year of the election. Any active member in good standing is eligible to be elected as a director. Incumbent board members shall always be candidates for re-election unless they specifically decline and do not need to submit a written petition. 

Nominate to a Summer Program?
One of the most exciting parts of joining the MHHA is the ability to nominate, sustain, and race in the summer programs. The MHHA has exciting racing opportunities at over a dozen Michigan county fairs for 2 and 3-year-old horses. Click Here to Learn More.

Get Licensed in Michigan?
Licensing in Michigan is done by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, not the MHHA, but you can Click Here for a copy of the Michigan Occupational License Application. 

Race at Northville Downs?
The MHHA is proud to have a contract for live racing with Northville Downs, the last remaining licensed racetrack in Michigan. Wagering on horse races in Michigan supports a live-race meeting of 60 days in Michigan. In 2022 there will be live racing on Friday and Saturday nights from March 12th through June 25th and from September 9th through December 17th. Click Here To Enter Races At Northville Downs

Buy a Horse

Find a Trainer

File an Insurance Claim from a Track Accident at a County Fair?
The MHHA purchases On Track Driver/Trainer Accident Insurance from VanGundy Insurance to ensure our members are covered in the event of an accident during the summer fair program. Individuals who have been injured during these programs must complete and file the necessary forms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where do I submit my Coggins and vaccine records?
Owners and trainers should ensure that their horses' medical records are up to date and should be able to provide a copy of these records to the race secretary per USTA rules. The MHHA suggests that owners and trainers keep proper medical records with them at all times. 

Do I need to create a log-in to use the website or be a member? 
No. The log-in function is completely optional. The log-in function will allow members (who choose) to keep track of their online payments, receive automatic reminders about membership, and nominate/sustain (starting in 2023) through the website, but the paper forms are not going away and no member will be forced to create a log-in. 


Read the 2022 USTA Rulebook

Horse Racing In Michigan - a Primer (House Fiscal Agency - 2017)