Michigan Harness Horsemen's Association

Code of Conduct

March 2024

Horsemen and horsewomen should represent harness racing in a positive light, and be ambassadors for the sport. All must respect other racing participants, fair officials, volunteers, and facilities at each fair. Refrain from abusive language and profanity. Do not engage in verbal or physical threats or initiate altercations. All complaints about the facilities or the track condition should be made to an MHHA representative or a member of the MHHA Board of Directors and not to fair personnel. Any misconduct could result in fines and/or suspensions being issued by the presiding judge.

Code of Conduct written and presented to the MHHA Board of Directors for inclusion in the 2024 Fair Book by: Marilynn Bertera, Julie DeMull, Michele Kopiec (USTA), Robin Bellor, Sue DeGraw and John Betz

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