Breeders Awards

Horse Breeder/Owner Information and Registration

Horse Breeder/Owner Information and Registration
The Horse Racing Act of 1995 allows for “a sum to pay breeders’ awards in an amount not to exceed 10% of the gross purse to breeders of Michigan bred standardbred harness horses for each time the horse wins a race at a licensed race meeting or fair in this state.”

Michigan bred standardbred harness horse means a horse from a mare owned by a resident or residents of this state at the time of conception, that was conceived after January 1, 1992 and sired by a standardbred stallion registered with the department of agriculture and rural development that was leased or owned by a resident or residents of this state and that did not serve a mare at a location outside of this state from February 1 through July 31 of the calendar year in which the conception occurred.

To be eligible, make sure all of the proper paperwork has been filed with the USTA as the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development used the USTA to verify eligibility. The State of Michigan does require that in order for you to receive any Michigan Breeders’ and/or Owners’ Award payments you, each of your business entity(s), and/or partnerships must complete and submit a W9 form to the State of Michigan. You may submit completed W9 forms by email to Hetherington, Michael at [email protected] or mail paper copies of the form to:

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
Attn: Michael Hetherington
P.O. Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909


Breeder’s Award


Oscar Sievert – 2015

Mike & Libby Myers– 2015

Libby Myer – 2014

Patty Sweeney – 2014

Jeanne Boudot -2011

Darwin & Ann Shaver – 2010

Mike and Libby Myers – 2009

Gardner Farms -2008

Marlene Lemke -2008

Dave Bolenbaugh, Starwin Farm – 2007

Kent & Becky Hess – 2007

Jim Jackson & Dave Tanner – 2007

Lawrence Young – 2006

Oldfield Farm Inc. – 2006

Bill and Patti Gira, Oldfield Farm Inc. – 2006

Karen Greengard, Bonley Farm – 2005

Ron Cole and Judy Ekstrand, Pebble Creek Farm – 2004

Dave Bennett of Bennett Farms – 2003

Roger Boyd of Riverbend Standardbreds – 2003


Revised by the Board of Directors October 2010

BREEDERS AWARD: This award to the breeder selected from the top ten breeders within the state, based on Michigan money winnings, or performance of the offspring by the sires of Michigan stallions. Must be a MHHA member in good standings.  Ballot results with board approval.